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Birdchain is a engagement app that allows you to start earning free

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How many hours do you spend watching YouTube videos or playing mobile games?

If you are like me, you spend lots of hours browsing the web too.

These activities are interesting but you don't make any money.


With Birdchain, it is time you earn cryptocurrency for all the activities you do on the internet.


How does Birdchain work?

1. First, once you install Birdchain, you earn free cryptocurrency for signing up.

2. Choose content to engage with according to your preference.

3. Complete offers or tasks you find interesting.

4. Earn free Birdchain tokens.

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What offers are available on Birdchain?

Here are the tasks you can complete on Birdchain app to earn free cryptocurrency:

-watch videos

-play video games

-Fill-out surveys

-Providing feedback

-solve simple puzzles

-leave comments and testimonials


What makes Birdchain cryptocurrency app different?


1. You get paid free cryptocurrency for doing the things you love.

2. Easy to cash-out your money anywhere, anytime.

3. Birdchain is available on several exchanges.  

You can trade Birdchain for free Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.


4. High earning cryptocurrency mobile app.  

5. Massive content library.  

You can filter content according to what you like.  


Popular content categories that allow you to earn more cryptocurrencies for free include:


  • Gaming
  • celebrity gossip
  • sports
  • fun time
  • clothing
  • fashion
  • technology


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If you need any help or have questions about BirdChain, please  

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