People say that Americans, or some specific person of "evil" intelligence, should do this or that but the fact is that only a dumb person thinks he/she is entitled to a special treatment and super capable... and that's how we end up with morons running governments, or bosses who are lit retarded.
That is why we have what we have.
Reasonable person will always doubt and look through the facts, and what you see is completely opposite of all the things you expect from a ruling stooges.
These people think only about money, propriety and fame.
Do you know why?
Do you know who acts like that?
Did you actually take a good look how many super intelligent people ran your own government.
Do you have that data?
Do you think about the fact that a person who is ten times more stupid than you, is deciding about your destiny?
These are not some evil geniuses doing it for some psychotic agenda.
Those are stupid fucks who think that peak of person's life is to screw everybody and fill pockets.
Those are shallow, narrow minded, limited and stupid apes from a stone age, and they hold all you fancy, upgraded, highly evolved intelligent people by the balls - either financially or in case you stick out by your capabilities - you MUST be an evil psychotic genius.
Isn't that right?
So substitute Americans or whatever name you just saw in there, with "people with substandard IQ" - it is not a problem in nation, race or religion, it is a flood of morons that we are experiencing.