During the January I dropped some websites, and decided to spend more time doing the microblogging social websites.
I spent variable time on an each website and do only the ones I like.
I spent more time playing Splinterlands and organising contests on Leofinance, Noise and Memocash.
I wasn't selling my tokens or swapping any coins, still my portfolio has grown quite a bit, but the values are still raging so I do not know what to report there. It is around more/less 100 usd of growth.
I started to work on multiple shops and designing clothing items. And I made a small personal social website Prancing where I publish various things, share lil rewards and in general it's fun.
During the February I will take a slower pace, and do less websites and online biz in general.


These are the complete earnings from the websites in current US values

HIVE 41.44
Noisecash 23.46
Memocash 6.61
Blurt 3.18
Appics 2.33
Smoke 2
Cent 1
Publish0x 0.94
Whaleshares 0.2
Lbry 0.11
Golos 0.05
sum 81.32

Websites overview and links

I am not using many of these websites on the daily level, or I might do not have time, or I lost interest. It doesn't mean that I will not use these websites in the future, I am simply doing some other things.

Also, this is a collection of all kind of things and applications. Some are decentralised, some are not., On some you can earn rewards for posting and activity, on some you don't have that option...

Which are the best I leave it to you.


Microblogging and social media websites

FloteApp - ok, but only Tier earnings on BTC and no other crypto yet installed.
Peepeth Invite - website is ok, once again, no time
Torum Invite ok, website, try it, no time for me
Minds - big community but doesn't allow you to cash out without upgraded membership.
Twitter - after so many suspended and deleted accounts, I will give up posting anything with the links or crypto related.
Facebook - garbage. I lit keep this for local shops if I need to ask something.
MeWe - same thing like the Facebook just without advertising. I thought it is a bit better, but in fact it is not.
Actifit - built upon HIVE/STEEM blockchain, but I have no interest there.
MemoCash, iphone app - favorite microblogging website, fully decentralised and censorship resistant
Dbuzz - microblogging built on Hive blockchain
Noise.cash - new website, centralised, sponsored, BCH
Gab, Mastodon, VK, LinkedIn... etc - I have no interest in these.



Publish0x, Invite - good place for blogging, you can have up to three blogs
Cent - I didn't write here, the earning is from a seed
Stihi - still pending, no idea about their future
Whaleshares, Invite - I pretty much don't have any use for this, I placed it in the powerdonw, but if you want a small passive income and a very good social features, you may use them. Big amount of my content is inbonded with that blockchain. I still think they have the best social features of all crypto blogging websites.
Golos.Id - this one is also in the powerdown.
Smoke - great cannabis community, if you have interest try it.
Medium - lost interest, they have a monetization model but limited.
TravelFeed ( FREE until March 31, 2021) - travel community, I didn't write anything on that topic for ages
Steemit - I was using it because of the Appics. Not worth effort.
ReadCash - I am not doing it. Previous account got suspended because of the beef with the admin over some idiot, I still receive referral income. Additional profile doesn't earn anything. Page feeds an army of scammers, and topics are mostly uninspiring.
Uptrennd - uninspiring, lost interest, tokens are pain to exchange.
Blurt - ok websites, but earnings are mostly variable, at least for me. It is similar to Hive and Steem, but there are no downvoting. Users have to pay small incentive for an each action.
HiveWiki - if into HIve you should help maintain this place. It is wiki all things Hive and more.
Hive, Invite PeakD - basically the motherboard of crypto blogging on HIVE blockchain,
Leofinance - alternative frontend to Hive blockchain, mostly financial and personal development articles.
Other frontends/tags that I used on Hive are
palnet ctp archon aeneas posh spt sportstalk tcg battle splinterlands



Splinterlands, Invite - fun blockchain strategy game plus you can make money off it in a few different ways. I am working my way up to the Golden League. This month I upgraded all my summoners on Level 3, upgraded my important cards at the same level, bought more cards and reached Silver 1 league, which is great.
Other games you may try:


Media - images, videos

Appics - instagram-like application with monetary rewards. The interface is very nice.
Foap and EyeEm are both photo apps, but I wasn't very satisfied with them.
Instagram - I have profile, but I do not use it for anything at all. On ice
dTube - lost interest, video community with rewards
3Speak - tokenized video community
Creary - art community, I retried but didn't produce any interest in me, CREA
YouTube - as a content creator I am pretty disappointed by this website. I am still making and uploading videos, but I don't make anything of it and it doesn't make almost any traffic.
TikTok - fun, live feeds can be monetized
5 minute crafts - iphone app, in case that you like TikTok appearance but prefer different kind of topics...
Soundcloud - audio website, I like to listen to the music, but I also upload when I make something.
LBRY, Invite - unlike on the YouTube , your content and channels get monetized instantly. This month I earned very little because of the inactivity, but usually I am satisfied with this page.
Canva - great tool for making custom cover art, posters, stories....


Messengers, groups, chat

WowApp - earning chat app, don't use it but you might like it.
Telegram - I've been using some bots for small tasks and faucets. Some already paid me and some are lagging.
These are safe:


Drop-shipping and shops

Gumroad - can be used like a very solid web shop.
Open Bazar and Haven ( mobile dapp) - I bought something for a dollar, still didn't hear from the seller. The option for complaint is still not available for that item.
Ecwid - build your own shop, integrates with crpto


Various (crypto) forums

Amino - communities, colorful and very entertaining
Quora - question/answer community
Blackhatworld - collection of tricks and tips, you can also ask for many things like mentorship or sell your services to others.
TheBotNet - conversations could be interesting, a lot of info
Bitcointalk - default bitcoin forum
Beermoneyforum - fraud/legit forum, various opportunities, advices, opinions
eMoneySpace - ppc, faucets and referrals
Forum.bitcoin.com - bitcoin related topics
Forumcoin - an oldish forum with marketplace, blog sales and earn online community


Bounties and gigs

These websites are task websites, so you can find some gigs and get paid in crypto, which is kind of great.

Bounties Network
LazyFox - bounty and small task place, you can take a look.
Fiverr- freelancing marketplace for small gigs.


Paid short links

Shorte.St - can be used for sharing short links and earning in that way
Sharpay.Io - share links and earn tokens



Ycombinator - mostly news
Refind - for link sharing and traffic, mixed content
Pinterest - pin images with links, topics


Portfolio and donations

Cointree - allows you to receive donations, messages and to list your online profiles/portfolio. Quite useful for single link websites.
You can also set the donations here:


Airdrop websites

Airdrops.Io - they also have a Telegram and Facebook notification bot.
Airdrop Rating
Belacam airdrops
Airdrop Alert


Faucets and similar trash



Swaps, exchanges, wallets and etc

https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=e38b1b2a6b * this one is in maintenance mode

Guarda- wallet
Skrill - wallet


All the other things and ideas:

Rebrandly, custom dynamic links and IPFS, distributed web, for decentralised website
Imgur, IMGbb and Giphy for fun image hosting and gifs
Prancing - my own website, made for fun
Droppages - hosted version of my tools and similar