You have Credit link in your profile.

There you can see how many pALPHA points have been dropped in your internal wallet. 

pALPHA is an internal credit coin name and they have exact value like DEC or Dark Energy Crystals that are used in Splinterlands and can be traded in a few platforms, one of them is Hive Engine. 

You need to have either Hive Engine or Splinterlands profile username somewhere saved in your profile, so I can send you these tokens. 

The only thing you need to do is click on Redeem button, chose number of tokens and when I see your order I will send you tokens in a chosen wallet. 

If you do not have these wallets/accounts you can make 

You can make HIVE account here: 

There are a few signup options. HIVE ecosystem offers many alternative frontends, you can use it for photography, blogging, microblogging etc.... 

If you redeem without a wallet, I will not be able to send tokens and you will be asked to provide a proper account.